Good Leaders Need Loyal Supporters

The foundation of any synagogue is its supporters. Meet them here.

"The great religious leaders were all dreamers" Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

It takes a dedicated team to keep the Jerusalem Great Synagogue great. Lay leaders, volunteers and professional staff are devoted to assure that your Experience at the Jerusalem Great Synagogue is moving and memorable!


Ascher Shapiro

Chairman of the Board

Zalli Jaffe

Zalli Jaffe

Acting President

Board Members

Asher Schapiro, Chairman of the Board
Michael Goldman, Vice-Chairman & Treasurer
Dr. Sheldon Abramson
Dr. Shmuel Hendler

Audit Members

Tobias Berman, Chairman
Simon Kresch
Jean-Michel Rykner


Israel Margaliot, Director of Administrations
Yosi Kozlik, Samesh