Dear Members, Worshippers, and Distinguished Guests:

The Board of the Jerusalem Great Synagogue announces that it will open the synagogue for Pesach in order to return to the special services we enjoyed before the coronavirus struck us.

However, the synagogue will do so both in accordance with restrictions to be determined by the government, as well as criteria that will exist in order to ensure the health of all who enter the sanctuary.

We ask all of you to please review carefully that which is written below because any deviation - without exception - will prevent a person who has deviated from entering the synagogue, whatever his status. This is the only way to ensure both the safety and health of our worshipers as well as the "one who deviates".

  • Anyone wishing to come to pray at any time will be required to send an email to, up to three days before Passover. The email will include a copy of the individual's ID card as well as a copy of his or her "green passport". Each applicant will be registered, and the list of those registered will be deposited with the guards at the entrance to the building for checking.
  • As you know, the synagogue will have to spend funds in advance to open the synagogue. Donations have reduced by an unprecedented amount due to fact the synagogue has been closed for over a year. Consequently, each worshiper for Pesach will be required to donate a minimum amount of NIS 500 per person and the donation must be made before Pesach. The number of worshipers will be limited in accordance with government guidelines to be announced and therefore please send in your reservation as soon as possible. For your convenience you can donate using your credit card with the following link
  • We regretfully must make the following caveat. In the event that the government introduces new regulations and/or if COVID-19 risks escalate, and the synagogue is then forced not to open then we will not be able to refund donations received. We apologize for that in advance.
  • Pesach will be as follows:
    • Friday night [March 26th, 2021]
    • Saturday morning [March 27th, 2021]
    • Leil Haseder [March 27th, 2021]
    • Sunday morning [March 28th, 2021]
    • Friday night [Leil Shvi’i of Pesach] [April 2nd, 2021]
    • Sabbath morning Shvi’i of Pesach [April 3rd, 2021].
  • Also please note the following:
    • Friday night [March 26th, 2021] one of our chief cantors, Zvi Weiss or Avraham Kirshenbaum will officiate accompanied by The Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir conducted by Elli Jaffe.
    • Shabat morning [March 27th, 2021], erev Pesach, there will be only Hashkama Minyan [excluding the Choir and Cantor].
    • On Leil Haseder [March 27th, 221] One of our Chief Cantors will officiate on Saturday night. Due to late hour, our Choir will not be joining the Cantor.
    • On Yom Tov Rishon [March 27th, 2021]; On Friday night, Leil Shvi’i of Pesach [April 2nd, 2021 and Shvi’i shel chag [April 3rd,2021] one of our Chief Cantors, Zvi Weiss or Avraham Kirshenbaum will officiate accompanied by The Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir conducted by Elli Jaffe.
  • When you arrive at the synagogue, please bring with you both your ID card [or a coloured copy] and the 'green pass' in addition to a mask. Without these documents, it will not be possible to enter the synagogue. Guests from overseas visiting Israel are asked to follow further guidelines as will be issued by the government and the synagogue, relating to foreigners entering public spaces.
  • However, any foreign resident will be required to present the results of a COVID-19 test taken no later than 48 hours from the date of taking such test or a formal document confirming vaccination [twice] which document is recognized by The Ministry of Health in Israel.
  • Kindly note that your mask must be covering your mouth and nose at all times in the synagogue building. Security personnel will supervise the meeting of these regulations.

Help us keep you safe and healthy,

Chag Kasher Vesameach,
The Jerusalem Great Synagogue Board of Trustees