Today @ The Great Synagogue: Monday, 21 June, 2021 - 11 Tammuz, 5781

The Board of Directors of The Great Synagogue has resolved to re-open for Services.

This Shabbat @ The Great Synagogue: Parshat Balak

Candle Lighting7:13 PM
Mincha and
Kabbalat Shabbat
7:20 PM
Shacharit7:55 AM
Shabbat Concludes8:31 PM

This Shabbat @ Hechal Jacob Synagogue

The synagogue is dedicated to the blessed memory of the late Jacob Safra OBM by his sons Eliyahu, Edmond, Moshe and Yoseph Safra and follows the Sephardic (Edot Hamizrach) traditions. It is located on the entrance floor of The Jerusalem Great Synagogue. 

Shabbat Concludes (Rabeinu Tam)9:01 PM

Tour? Sure.

We enjoy hosting groups wishing to tour our historic site. We do require reservations. More details are available here.

Located in the heart of the Holy City